Lash Expectations!

There’s no denying that Instagram is the lash mecca. If your feed is anything like mine, there are always so many lash pictures popping up. As a client, it can be exciting to view all of the photos out there in anticipation for your first lash visit. I’ve outlined a few things to keep in mind when hunting for lash inspiration:

The length and density of your lash extensions will rely solely on your natural lashes. Lash extensions are intended to add 2-3 mm of length to your natural lashes. Anything longer, can eventually lead to lash damage.

The fullness of your lash extensions is directly correlated to your natural lash density. Someone with a sparse lash line will not have the same results of someone with a very dense lash line.

Keep in mind, that length and density are not the only ways to achieve impactful lashes. With a lash artist who specializes in lash styling, a set of lashes that enhances your natural eye shape can be applied. I often find that clients are drawn towards longer and denser eyelash extensions, but shorter and fluffier sets when done right are just as impactful.

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