Top 4 Tips for Flawless Foundation

Top 5 Foundation.png


1️⃣ Purchase foundation formulated for your skin type. Are you normal, dry, oily? When purchasing pay attention to “buzzwords”. Matte if you are oily and dewy if you are dry. 

2️⃣ Ensure that your foundation and primer have the same base. If your foundation is silicone based your primer should be silicone based as well. Incompatible formulas significantly reduce the longevity of your foundation.

3️⃣ Lightly dust translucent powder over primer for added protection. Translucent powder locks in your primer and acts a shield to block oil production.

4️⃣ Love the skin you’re in! Taking care of the skin underneath yields the BEST results when it comes to flawless foundation.

I hope you find these top 4 tips helpful. Find more tips by visiting the Legare Beauty Youtube.