Sales Copy

Lashes are all the rage.

With so many different classes available it can be overwhelming to decide which class is right for you. At Legare Beauty, we believe that lash training is not one and done, it’s should be on going.

Pain Point: Lashes can be difficult to master. I think most artists have reached a point where they don’t want to continue because it’s so overwhelming. Our mentorship program is tailored to help alleviate those frustrations.

Training Topics Include:

History of Lashes

Client Safety and Sanitation

Temperature and Humidity

Lash Styling

Lash Retention



Lash Training Investment

Tier 1: Classic Lash Training (8hr class + model + kit) $600

Tier 2: Classic Lash Training (8hr class + model + 3 months mentoring + kit) $750

Tier 3: Classic Lash Training (8hr + model + 6 months mentoring + kit) $900


Earnings Potential - Diagram/Chart

$100 per client

5 days a week

Yearly earning potential