What are classic lashes?

Classic lashes are achieved by applying one lash extension per natural lash. This creates a natural, mascara look.

What are hybrid lashes?

Hybrid lashes are created by applying multiple lash extensions per natural lash. This creates a fluffier, dramatic look.

How long does it take?

Classic lashes take 2 hours (includes consultation + application). Hybrid lashes take 2.5 hours (includes consultation + application).

Should I get a patch test?

Yes, it's recommended that you are patch tested at least 24 hours in advance. Patch testing is used to determine if you are allergic to any products used.

How are they applied?

Lashes are applied one by one using two sets of tweezers and a specially formulated adhesive. Clients lay down on a comfortable treatment bed during the service. 

How long do they last?

Lash extensions shed at a rate of 1-5 per day. Clients typically get them filled in every 2-3 weeks. Anything after 4 weeks is considered a full set. 

How much are refills?

Classic refills are $80. Hybrid refills are $95. This service will get your lashes back to their original fullness.

How do I care for my lashes?

Aftercare will be discussed before and after your appointment. You will also be given information to take home for your reference.

Are children allowed in the studio?

You will be unable to attend to children during the service. Children are allowed in the studio on a case by case business. Please contact Legare Beauty for more information. 

I have a voucher, why is a credit card required to reserve my appointment?

Legare Beauty wants to ensure that all clients are committed to appointments. Your card will not be charged if you arrive to your appointment. Last minute cancellations (less than 24 hours) and 'no call, no shows' may result in a charge.